Growing Old But Never Up

by Muffinslap

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released August 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Muffinslap Kent, Ohio

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Track Name: Too Many Times
Is it true, you think I'm too high-strung? How could you laugh like I was out of my mind? But did you know that I know what love is even though I'm young? And would you go if I left this town behind?

So many mistakes I've made. Twenty one and I'm done with this charade. Right now I think that you should know...

Too many times I've been caught blind, too many times that I've been left behind. But not today, I'm not giving up, I won't give in. I found my path and it will lead me home again.

Is it true? How could you? But not anymore, I'm gonna break the mold. Kick this habit and become who I want to be.

Don't try to bring me down, we'll say goodbye to this small town. Right now I think that you should know...
Track Name: Argon Lights
When we started out I told you that things would never be the same and I took your hand and held you. That winter storm could take the blame. Late October nights driving, we found a place to call our own. Leave flowers on your car to show you just what I'm feeling.

Don't you know, my heart skipped when you were smiling. Those late night talks lit the fuse. And I'll always blame our bad timing; when we both know it was you.

Cedar Point on that rainy weekend- we froze to death and fell in love. Over thinking east car crashes and when all the pushes came to shoves. When we drove down Terex down, our burning hearts were like a flame. But I'm such an immature boy, I guess I'll just go walk the plank.

Just to feel the summer breeze dive heart-first into you. Watch you drift away while I'm drowning, patiently trying to get back to you.
Track Name: Utah
Don't say you're coming back 'cause we know you never meant it. You started over, started to move on with your new life. Don't sing your coming back, 'cause we never could accept it. Five best friends and broken ties will hold us down again.

And you were always the one who would look past this. And everything on that plane took way more than just you with it. We would always say that we would leave this town, so I can see why you won't come back around.

Can you take me back to the place where we spent all this time? I'm waiting here for you.

I'll say you're coming back and I know someday you'll mean it, picking up where we left off- just like it always was. And I'll see you when you're back, ripping memories just to bleed it. Taking pictures to bring back that time that never was.

And I'll try my best to be strong so that we can look past this. You're landing on a runway built on the hopes and dreams of five young kids.
Track Name: Motion Sickness
I've been trying to catch this train for days and days and days. I scream so loud, but no one heard in oh-so many ways. Am I losing my mind? Or just losing my grip on reality? Everything seems to be moving so much faster than me.

I've got this motion sickness; it's killing me like the plague. Everything keeps moving so fast, but I'm standing still and maybe someday I'll don my jetpack, someday I'll grow my wings. But I've got this motion sickness because I'm standing still.

When I see you flying by like a bullet from a 45, I dare not try to insert myself into your life. Am I boarding this flight? Or just bored with this life where reality is moving so much faster than me? And I find...

I want the world to slow down...I want the world to slow down...and when it finally slows down, I won't be standing still.
Track Name: Can't Stay Here
A year has passed, the time is gone. Now it's time that I move on. I know I can't stay here. The good times are all in the past; should've guessed they wouldn't last. This time I won't stay here.

What would you do if I said I needed you? What would you say if I told you I wish you were my own? I know you know that we are from two different worlds and I know you know that we are still the same. But somehow we always end up missing when I'm the one to blame.

Well darling, can't you see I know I can't stay here. I tried to call you on the phone, but you're gone and I'm alone. This time I won't stay here.

Throughout this year I've cried so much, just longing for your touch. I know I can't stay here. Well a year has passed, the time is gone, and it's getting hard to go on. This time I won't stay here.
Track Name: Support Your Scene
Well here we go, another day another show. Now one more time, tell me all the things that I should know. You've been around, you run this town, so now hustle. It won't take real long to tell you why you're wrong, Captain Muscles.

Let the keep on talking, 'cause they don't know what it means.

Don't bash our fans, they do what they can, if they stay or go. Don't lecture on and say we're wrong, then sell your tickets at our show. Don't borrow gear then act superior to us. We're getting sick, you're such a dick, always making such a fuss.

There are those who are true and show support. We love those bands, we love those fans, who do this like a sport. You know you all just mean so much to me. Without you all, we have nothing. We call this family.

So let's get together now and show them what this means.
Track Name: Runaway
Stranded here. Trapped in this place and thinking about why you didn't think of me. Crash-landed here. Salt water making my eyes water down to you, don't think of me.

And when you go it makes me want to cry and run away. And when you're alone all those summer nights, I'm here to stay forever.

Stranded here. Stuck in this situation and knowing that you will never change. Abandoned here. Everything is different from your point of view- and you will never change.
Track Name: Pajamas
Locked inside this place for so long. Listen now, I think I'm going insane. Counting all these thoughts so tied up. Seeping numbness into my brain. Now I'm drowning faster, faster, someone throw me all your lifelines. I can't wait 'til sunset. Faster, faster, please I can't waste my time.

The sun is bright these days so slow, we'll stay together, please don't go. Yeah, we are gonna stay up all night long, singing this summer song.
Track Name: Johnny B. Goode
Deep down in Louisiana, out in New Orleans. Way back up in the woods amongst the evergreens, there stood a log cabin made of earth and wood where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode who never ever learned to read or write so well, but he could play the guitar just like a ringing a bell.

Go, Go
Go Johnny, Go, Go
Go Johnny Go, Go
Go Johnny Go, Go
Go Johnny Go, Go, Go
Johnny B. Goode

He used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack. Go sit beneath the tree by the railroad track. Oh, the engineers would see him sitting in the shade strumming with the rhythm that the drivers made. People passing by, they would stop and say "Oh my, how that little country boy could play".

His mother told him "Someday you will be a man, and you will be the leader of a punk rock band. Many people coming from miles around to hear you play your music when the sun go down. Maybe someday your name will be in lights? Saying Johnny B. Goode tonight".
Track Name: Summer Song
Those summer nights were way too short and it's been way too long, since the last time we were together singing along. So we'll gather 'round this campfire, I'll play you your favorite songs. We'll talk of how much things have changed and of those days long gone.

If this world ended tomorrow, I'd sing this summer song. I've got all my friends around me and I hope you'll sing along, we're singing...

We've spent so much time growing up, it's what we were told to do. We've forgotten what it means to be young, that bright-eyed innocence too. So for just one more night, we'll throw those worries away. We're going to stand up for what we believe; we'll stand up proud and say...

I just need to write one song that my friends can feel proud of me for. Without them I wouldn't have made it this far. So this one is for you guys, you all know who you are.
Just don't let go...
We'll never let go.

I wrote these lyrics for you and I told myself that I would see this through. Put your problems on the shelf and dry those eyes now, give me your best shouts, just let it out...let it out.
Track Name: George Washingtron
Remember when we were kids? We'd play outside in the sun all day. We ran free, we were unstoppable. But the sun has to set sometime.

With all this pressure building up, I've never once had a plan. These days are ours. We're gonna dance the night away. We may grow old, but never up.

And I may not have a choice, this body will age as the days go by. But I will have a choice in staying young at heart.